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Massage kept popping up in different ways over the next few years and at age 19, I enrolled in a program in Scottsdale, Arizona. Prenatal massage was part of my program and I loved learning the pressure points and techniques to minimize pain and discomfort in labor.  I was pretty sure that would come in handy!  

A few years later I was helping my sister with her labor and delivery and a lifetime calling was born!  I continued learning childbirth modalities, doula certifications, yoga, energy work, and spiritual insights through fasting, prayer, and personal revelation.

After 12 years of studying conception, pregnancy, labor, and birth from all angles, I love condensing that knowledge into guidance for other women and families. 

Join me on this journey and I guarantee you will learn something new!

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Uncensored. Untamed. Unleashed. Featuring Shawna Smith with Adriana Monique Alvarez

What we can learn from the symbolism of nature about creating healthy relationships and communities full of miracles. 

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Creative Conversations with Marissa Lete

Creative Conversations is an interview about creation and unlocking the freedom of flow in the writing process.

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Living on the B Side with Birgit Livesey

Living on the B Side is a conversation about the effect music has on our organs and health as well as its mental and emotional impact.

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